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THE APOLLO 11 is an inventive video homage to the Moon landing event, initiated, managed and curated by Pamela Bain, featuring eleven artists responding creatively to its fiftieth anniversary.  It took many thousands of people working behind the scenes to engineer Armstrong and Aldrin’s journey to the lunar surface and in that spirit of collaboration THE APOLLO 11 includes video works from two American artists to reflect upon the teamwork between countries and facilities in 1969.

Please view pdf  catalogue
for artist concepts, biographies,
screening venues and an essay by Dr Colleen Boyle.
from THE APOLLO 11 video compilation
Pamela Bain and,  animator, James Josephides
with sound scape composed by Sonic Performance Workshop.

As the Moon landing was almost beyond comprehension and pushed boundaries to achieve a milestone goal, so too does THE APOLLO 11 push boundaries - creative boundaries - to present a film of originality, excitement, fanciful play and philosophical reflection.  The video anthology is conveyed via a multitude of screen perspectives including stop motion animation, video montage, rotoscope, bimanual co-ordination drawing and motion graphics.  Engaging the mind and imagination THE APOLLO 11 pays tribute to a moment in time when a footstep made iconic history.

Pam sought 10 other artists to contribute their creative responses to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 via video.   THE APOLLO 11 are;

Roger Alsop

Daniel Armstrong

Pamela Bain

Brigid Burke

Dirk de Bruyn

Melinda Capp

Tim Chrepta

James Josephides

Rebecca Kamen

Stephen Smithyman

and Eiichi Tosaki

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