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Artist in Residence

The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

Art patron - Mount Burnett Observatory, Victoria, Australia.


2014   Artist in Residence – EATT Magazine (accessible to ipad and iphone users)

2012   Artist in Residence – St Vincent’s Hospital

2011   Artist in Residence –

2006   Artist in Residence -  St Joseph’s Girls School, Altona.



2019   Weather the Weather,  New York Hall of Science,  group show

2019   THE APOLLO 11 -  A group show of artists responding creatively via video art to the 1969 Moon landing event.

               The Project Space, Geelong, Victoria,  plus various venues including Parkes Observatory NSW,   NASA Deep Space Communications      Complex ACT,  Scienceworks Melbourne, and The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia

2019    Space Time, The Memo Gallery, Healesville, Victoria

2018    AstroLight Festival,  Scienceworks,  Spottswood,  Melbourne

2018    Deeper Darker Brighter, Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorne, Melbuorne.

2018    Submerge, Orchard Gallery, Manhattan, New York - group show

2018    Submerge,  On-line exhibitionNew York - group show

2017   Lakes of Colour, Launchpad, Cremorne, Melbourne.

2016   The M Collection Art Award - finalist - Gallerysmith, North Melbourne - group show

2016   40 x 40 Art Show, Brunswick St. Gallery. Fitzroy - group show.

2015   In Space, Banyule Art Award for Works on Paper - finalit  

                Hatch Contemporary Art Space, Ivanhoe - group show

2015   Pixel, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne - group show

2015   A Place For Space, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy - solo show

2014   Wide Open Digital 2, Online exhibition, California – group show                                                                            

2014   Small Works Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy – group show                                                                

2014   A4 Art Australia, Herring Island, Melbourne – group show                                             

2013   Paint Purpose, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy – group show                                                            

2013   Mapology St Vincent’s Hospital, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy – solo show                                  

2013   Art in Science, Science in Art, St Vincent’s Gallery, Fitzroy – group show 

2012   Advance Australia Fair, Toyota Gallery, Port Melbourne –  group show                                   

2012   Small Works Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy - group show                                  

2012   Urban Creatures, Toyota Community Spirit Exhibition, Port Melbourne – group show                    

2011   Mapology Melbourne – Forty Five Downstairs – solo show                                                            

2011   Linden Postcard Show – Linden Gallery – group show                                                                    

2010   Secrets of Your City – 69 Smith Street Gallery – group show                                                    

2010   Small Works Exhibition – Brunswick Street Gallery – group show                                           

2010   Pinhole Photography Exhibition – 69 Smith Street Gallery – group show                                  

2009   Your Space - 69 Smith Street Gallery – group show

moving image

2019      'Apollo Dreaming',  video collaboration with James Josephides

2018      ‘Catching Light’,  Director and imagery.  (animator – James Josephides)

2018      'DEEPER WIDER FASTER', Co-director and Chief Visualiser.  (animator – James Josephides)


art related work history

2019                     Project Manager, THE APOLLO 11,  video exhibition

2017 - 2018      Project Manager, DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER exhibition

1997 - 2018      Fine Artist /Graphic Designer

1998                      Front of House Manager, Fringe Festival, Hobart

1997                      Project Manager/programmer, Hitchcock Festival, Cineama Afterdark, Hobart.

1996 - 1998      Manager/administrator, programmer, Afterdark Art House Cinema, Hobart.

1992 - 1995      Gallery Assistant, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery


educational qualifications  

2010               Masters,  Cultural Studies/Civil Celebrations - Monash University

2007               Graduate Diploma, Cultural Studies,/Civil Celebrations, Monash University

2003               Honours, Cinema Studies, University of Melbourne (withdrawn)

2003               Graduate Diploma, Cinema Studies, University of Melbourne

1995               Honours, Art Theory, University of Tasmania (withdrawn)

1994               Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Tasmania


selected media/press

2019              Radio interview - 3RRR, Melbourne

2018              'Astronomy Inspires Artists" - Swinburne News

2018              'Deeper Darker Brighter Lights Up the Town Hall Gallery",  Zilla and Brock

2018              'Stellar Exhibition in Creative Space', Progress Leader

2018               Radio interview - Joy Radio, Melbourne

2018               Radio interview - 3WBC, Melbourne

2017               'Painting the Universe', Art Edit, Magazine

2016               'EATT Magazine Podcast with Pamela Bain', featuring segments from her interview with astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, EATT Magazine



2014                Articles - ‘Observations of an Astronaut’, Parts one and two, EATT Magazine

2014                Article, ‘Breaking Bad in White Underpants’, EATT Magazine

2013                Book, ‘A Structural Chronology of St. Vincent Hospital’



Pamela Bain’s art practice explores the themes of spatial orientation and our relationship to environments both near and cosmically far. 

Her bio-morphic imagery brings a sense of nature and biology, thus human contentedness, to her oeuvre. 

Graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Fine Art, Pam commenced an Honours Degree in Art Theory but opted out to pursue other ventures.  She excelled in the studios of Painting, Print Making and Graphic Design.  Moving to Melbourne in 1998, Pam gained additional degrees in a variety of areas including Cinema Studies at Melbourne University (Graduate Diploma).  She won the Damien West Award for achieving the highest overall results for her  Graduate studies at Monash University in Civil Ceremony  and Cultural Customs and continued her investigations into anthropology, comparative cultures and theology during her Masters degree - awarded in 2008.

The artist’s interest in astrophotography and the Universe has influenced a body of work collectively named, BIOTIC COSMIC which observes that we and the Universe share mutual composition and, thus, relationship.  BIOTIC COSMIC also carries through similar commentary relating to Pam’s previous project, MAPOLOGY.  These works re-interpret cartographical layouts in an organic/biological style in order to signify the mutative nature of maps, the changing world around us and our place within it.   Where MAPOLOGY relates to a personal orientation within geographical settings and making foreign environs familiar, BIOTIC COSMIC articulates similar motivations: to know where we are and to feel connected; to belong.  

Fascinated with cosmic events such as supernovae, considerations of life and death have also crept into Pam’s sub-text, drawing upon her Masters inquiries.  Her interpretations of stellar explosions also ponder the nature of light, dark and the shadowy in between inherent to the cosmic mysterious. 

Pamela has recently embarked upon a very personal direction.  Having impaired sight, (hypermetropia and glaucoma), Pam's direction is beginning to explore the adaptation of magnifying accoutrements within some of her art work - in order to reference the augmented nature of observatories and telescopes used in the study of the Universe. In so doing, she comments that sensory assistance mediates our understanding of the cosmos and, in Pam's personal life, the immediate world around her.  For the artist these instruments of science and astronomy, like her glasses and visual aids, become portals into other worlds and magnify that which is hidden or less visible to the naked eye. 

As an experimental artist working from her Fitzroy studio in Melbourne, Pam continually invents new methods and instruments of mark making that meld with more traditional materials such as paints, inks, pastels and pencils.  She has achieved exciting results via oxidization, collage, the use of food, photography and digital processes. Due to such exploratory work and creative breakthroughs, Pam considers art and science to be closely bound counterparts, as each field carries with it a sense of wonder, potential for experimentation, the testing of assumptions and methods,  the opportunity for deep inquiry, and the prospect of discovery and revelation. 

The outer cosmic realms have been an enduring source of interest for the artist which has evolved into a lifelong fascination with astro-photography,  astronomy and space exploration. She is a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria and the Mount Burnett Observatory where star gazing brings Pam closer to her subject via her telescope, a Saxon eight inch Dobsonian.   This, together with her excursions to NASA, Houston, and ongoing space-related research, has informed her series of hypothetical planets, speculative space scapes, light spectacles and cosmic possibilities.

The artist’s interview with former astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, also crossed art with science offering much creative nourishment when delving into the role of artist as aesthetic interpreter of the cosmos.

In 2016 Pam was invited to a ‘live to the sky’ astrophysics observation of the Universe hosted by Swinburne University of Technology.  This deeply personal experience enabled the artist to connect more profoundly with her muse and has resulted in a body of work produced as an In-House Artist - now Artist in Residence - with Swinburne’s Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing.  Entering the rarefied world of physics, data and deep space phenomenon has signaled the beginning of a new phase in Pam’s creative evolution.