is a creative response  to the astrophysics programme,

DEEPER WIDER FASTER, the search for the fastest explosions in the Universe

hosted by Swinburne University's Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

and launched at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn, Melbourne


Spanning three gallery spaces with digital prints, installations, paintings and animated works DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER

 is a visual and sensory experience that mediates the wonders of science through art.

Available in various sizes

COSMOS ELECTRIC 1       100cm  x 140cm   $1200             ELECTRIC COSMIC   140cm x 168cm  $1600              COSMOS ELECTRIC 2   100cm x 140cm  $1200

                                                                                                                                   limited edition of 6 each - various sizes available

COSMOS ORGANICA    1m x 1m $900     THROUGH DARK    1m x 1m  $900      STELLAR FAN   1m x 1m  $900      BIOTIC COSMOS  1m 1m  $900

limited edition of 10 each - various sizes available 

MICRO-BIOTIC UNIVERSE                           OUT THERE INSIDE                     THROUGH A PORTAL LIGHTLY

50cm X 50cm  prints $450 ea               Framed with internal light source (battery operated)          $1500         limited edition of 10 ea           various sizes availble 

BIOTIC COSMIC series - the above images               digital prints on cotton rag archival paper

The artist's liflong interest in astro-photography and the Universe has inspired a body of work she refers to as BIOTIC COSMIC which observes that we and the cosmos share mutual composition and, thus, connection.  Her work seeks to convey the visual similarities between human micro-matter, Earth's organic material, cosmic substance and the Universe - reinforcing the understancing of ourselves as entities of the same realm.  While computer processes are later  integrated, the BIOTIC COSMIC oeuvre begins with an origianl painting where the aritst's daubs of colour, brushwork and paint splatters demonstrate a natureal organic beginning in order to make evident signs of 'the human' in her speculative space scapes.  

 OPENING LIGHT               BLOOMING LIGHT           STELLAR BLOOM                 RISING LIGHT

  STELLAR  BLOOM   series - 30cm x 30cm   $150 ea   limited edition of 10  ea 

The shedding layers of a star that occurs before it’s supernova death, is symbolised metaphorically in these interpretations of opening flowers.Their imminent full bloom and subsequent falling of petals replenish the soil with nutrients; fertilizer for new growth.Each death in this process becomes sustenance for a new life cycle.

DEATH  AND  CREATION  1 - 7                  30cm x 30cm    $100ea   limited edition of 10ea

As certain stars approach their brilliant death in a supernova event they grow larger and their outer layers lift away.  The final explosion thrusts the stellar material outward and from these remnants new life begins.  Death and Creation is a n interpretation of this process.


POSSIBLE COSMOS  series             30cm x 30cm               limited edition of 10ea                                                         $100ea

Possible Cosmos pays tribute to human curiosity, imagination and ingenuity that allows us to uncover new information about ourselves and our environment both near and far.  It is with a similar sense of wonder and inventiveness that has led the artist to discover new worlds of visual expression. Reproduced as a digital prints these images originate from the artist’s hand painted work which she further manipulates via computer integration. Inspired by astro-photography,  Possible Cosmos aims to convey the uncanny visual resemblance between organic material on Earth, including our own body sphere, and what we can now observe in the Universe.

 LIMINAL LUMINOUS  series  (on the threshold of knowing)                  brushed metal gloss  30cm x 30cm                                                 $250 ea

These images represent the liminal zone between the identifiable and the shadowy unknown.  The Universe harbors a multitude of obscurities - posing questions that many strive to answer and mysteries that some yearn to 'unwrap'.  The pictured bodies of light in the darkened space are sculpted from painted papers into various formations that hover in a nascent state where their identity is just beyond reach.  Some could be stellar beginnings, perhaps alien creatures, maybe a fast radio burst in freeze frame, possibly an echo of ourselves from the cosmic past - or something else entirely.

OF COSMOS   12 brushed metal gloss panels     190cm x 90cm  $3500     

“Billions of years ago, supernovae created the elemental mixture that would collapse and coalesce into our Solar System: the raw materials for life.”  (Prof. Chris Fluke)              

Made from metal in its printed surface these panels also symbolise the element of gold – the image hue effect – and carbon - the printed image made from paper.  These are just some of the raw materials and by products that emanate from a supernova or kilonova blast.   The light effects of the gold shimmering images caught at certain viewing angles was particularly inspired by the discovery of a kilonova in 2017 which uncovered the origins of gold amongst many other things.  The image configuration as a DNA double helix motif suspended in the blackened space suggests our human ancestry, the stars.  Each image is a light burst anomaly, such as a fast radio burst, teasing us to decipher their true nature – and perhaps to reveal more about ourselves.

CLEAR SKY OBSERVATIONAL     acrylic  and enamel paint, ink,  on paper            40cm x 40cm                                            $300ea

These are playful responses to the artist's star gazing nights that are bright and still - as well as to her exposure to the images generated from telescopes - known as candidates - she has viewed during the DEEPER WIDER FASTER astrophpysics programme and  live  to the sky observations.  Observatories and a radio telescope sit incongruously within several of these nightscapes - remote, yet vigilant.  Introduction of colour was influenced by spectroscopy, the signature-like charts that reveal a star's composition, which the artist is becoming increasingly congruent of while at Swinburne's Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing.                               

CANDIDATE  LIGHT  COLLECTIVE   paint and ink on paper                                           4m X 2.3m                             $6000

'Candidates' are photo images taken by a telescope of objects in deep space that that are presented in grid form and initially analysed by  'people power'. 

THE CANDIDATE LIGHT COLLECTIVE  pays homage to the banks of images that scientists and students scrutinise in search for signs of interesting events such as supernovae.  Even though the actual 'candidates' look randomly placed there is a certain order to the layout and a systemised process by which the images are captured and computed.  

In creating her own system of production, the artist similarly places a certain order upon the grid as the serried candidates, or pamdidates, become groupings of whitish dots - the stars - whose trajectories flow here and there.   THE CANDIDATE LIGHT COLLECTIVE reflects upon DEEPER WIDER FASTER's search for transients such as an unstable star on the brink of bursting or a supernova in full throttle.  These stars are harnessed and held within the photo image confines in order to assess their potential.  Thus, the painted grid is also about containing and stabalising that which is unstable.  The throws of paint are contained within rectangles, thus, strident activity is tempered. 

The sweep of yellow dots introduces a separate computer generated process - the 'light curve' - which measures a star's luminosity and can signal the possibility of an imminent supernova.  If the dots, viewed on separate computer monitors appearing at roughly one minute intervals, begin to ascend and keep ascending, a supernova may close and excitement in the room also rises.