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My interest in the intriguing world of maps has largely informed a body of work that reinterpret cartographical charts.  Drawn to the beauty of maps and motivated  by a need to re-orientate myself within new spaces, MAPOLOGY, (trademarked), is an ongoing project that reinterprets geographical layouts in my own unique style.  

Visually alluding to the evolving and mutative nature of maps and charts that represent human movement, growth, and development my map work recasts geographic diagrams as organisms: some with an earthy organic flavour while others referencing biological imagery offering a visceral, sinewy, cellular appearance.  The interlocking shapes often inherent in maps, to me, are analogous of the human body: a biological system having individual components that function together as a whole much the same as communities of people do.


My personal map experience that sets bearings and navigational order has fostered a fascination with cartography that is alluring both as a useful tool and as items of aesthetic appeal in themselves.  Researching maps of many cities, regions, and countries, I take pleasure in decrypting the coded information held within the map lines and shapes.  I do not seek to recreate maps as they are works of art in themselves: instead I reinterpret maps in my own anthropomorphic style embedding further conceptual meaning within my creative translations.


Please see below a small selection of past mapology projects.  


City in Situ

Mixed media on paper  102cm x 106cm framed

depicts the Melbourane city shape sitting amongst its neighbouring destricts where formations interlock to form

a visually earthy relationship.




Greater Melbourne Major Roads

Mixed media on paper  62cm x 62cm framed

abstracts the larger Melbourne metro area

overlaying it with a vessel-like matrix of roadways.





Living City

Acrylic paint on canvas  64cm x 64cm framed

This city shape, in filled with bulbous organic-like structures, aims to convey a sense of Melburne as a living organism.






Melbourne Main Roads

Mixed media on paper  104.5cm x 104.5cm framed

features the main road structure within the

City of Melbourne boundary zone.









City Tram Lines

Mixed media on paper  104.5cm x 104.5cm framed 

indicates the tram routes within the City of Melbourne.



Thinking City

Acrylic paint on canvas  102.5cm x 95cm framed

Inspired by images of brain matter, this piece reconfigures the council area shape as a thinking organ - the biological engine room of the Melburne metro area that stimulates mental

and physical activity.



Sunshine Roadways

Mixed media on paper  100cm x 90cm framed

Sunshine Roadways is an artistic expression of a region: its colour and aerial perspective acknowledges townships pin pointed in red and interconnected via the winding access routes. Reinterpreting Queensland's Sunshine Coast map and inland ares, Sunshine Roadways presents a road configuration that can be viewed in organic terms as they twist and swerve their way across the landscape and surrounded by reflecting sprays, washes, and daubs of colour.









Mixed media on paper  113cm x 83cm unframed

Maps that abstractly overlay global surfaces undergo review and alteration which reflects the changing nature of human movement, growth and development.  The Sunshine Coast's geographical layout has also experienced transformation.  The three council areas that existed prior to 2008, Caloundra, Maroochy, and Noosa, amalgamated into one becoming the Sunshine coast Regional Council.  Aiming to infer the evolving nature of the Sunshine Coast's geography, Sunshine-ology injects a sense of biology into the division framework to reinterpret the area as an organic formation that lives, breathes and thrives.  Suggestive of visceral matter, sinewy threads, vieins and blood, the twelve division formation is painted as a cluster of anatomical-like organs via line, pattern and colour.








Suburban Organics

Mixed media on paper  102cm x 106cm framed

illustrates the suburb divisions within the

City of Melbourne via organic abstraction.







Board of Works 1898

Mixed media on paper  56.5cm x 66cm framed

This work translates a 1898 Board of Works map into blocks of colour.  This Fitzroy precinct (bordered by Nicholson, Gertrude and Brunswick Streets and Victoria Parade) which housed, and still houses,  St Vincent's Hospital was naturally smaller at that time and can be identified centre bottom in blocks of blue.





Microbiotic World

Mixed media on paper  75cm x 85cm framed

Painterly interpretation infills this map of St Vincents Hospital and was inpired by an elecron micrograph of streptococcus mutans

in dental plaque.








Aerial View

Mixed media on paper  56.5cm x 66cm framed

Shown from above, this map of the St Vincents Hospital precinct illustrates the roofitop detail, shadow play and multi shape configuration in a grainy soft but contrasting painterly treatment.








Living Hospital

Mixed media on paper  75cm x 85cm framed

Focusing on a medical institution's relationship with biology, the footprint of St Vincent's Hospital layout is, here, infilled with visceral and biotic like shapes and patterns.

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