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NEW WORK - 2022


The outer cosmic realms have been an enduring source of interest for the artist which has evolved into a lifelong fascination with astronomy and space exploration.    Being an experimental visual artist Pam considers art and science to be closely bound counterparts, as each field carries with it a sense of wonder, scope for experimentation, the opportunity for deep inquiry, and the prospect of discovery and revelation.   Artists often search for meaning within that which is concealed and upon which we exert metaphorical hypothesis. 

Largely scrutinising relationships between inner and outer worlds - their hidden secrets and visual revelations –

Pamela's work largely draws upon organic shapes and patinas and to environments both near and cosmically far.  

Dealing with spatial location and the fact that we all inhabit the same planet as well as a much larger space - the Universe - Pam's work provides an interface for philosophical reflection as the compositions offer a  zone in which to consider connection with one's environment, self, and the cosmos.

Pam is a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria and the Mount Burnett Observatory where star gazing brings Pam closer to her subject via her telescope, a Saxon eight inch Dobsonian.   This, together with her excursions to NASA, Houston, the Kennedy Space Centre, and ongoing space-related research, has informed her series of visualised  phenomena, deep space anatomy,  light spectacles and cosmic possibilities.

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